We just love our fashion brands, don’t we! Yes, our local brands are beginning to gain more recognition, some even internationally, but they’re still not as wide-spread as their international counterparts, of course for myriad reasons. For this reason, the brands here are strictly international.

We just love these labels! We love to be seen in them, as there’s this satisfying feeling just knowing that you’re clothed in designer fashion brands. Now, whether they’re original or not, is an entirely different conversation!

Today, we’re counting down (from the least to the most) the top 11 most bastardized fashion brands in Nigeria. From those that are common amongst our local ‘cash app’ boys, to those that love the flamboyant neon colour, we are not sparing anyone!

Are we ready? Let’s move.

11. Prada! Nope, not the one the devil wears. This one is worn by our locals, with pride, we must say. They usually start from #1,500 for the slips and come in a variety of colours. A few of our celebrities who should be able to afford the original, have been caught wearing fake versions.

Now, to be clear, this is not our focus, as it’s not our business who can or cannot afford the original, we’re simply counting down the brands that have the most fakes in circulation in Nigeria. Still with us? Then let’s see the next on the fashion brands list.

10. Chanel. These are worn by many of our beautiful ladies. There’s the particularly small size bag with long, metal handles they seem to love, and typically, you can’t miss those two crossing C’s.

9. D&G. D&G was the younger, more flamboyant line under Dolce and Gabbana. However, the brand was discontinued almost a decade ago to focus on the main brand. Apparently, it was too great a brand to let go, as our dear Nigerians kept the legacy going on their behalf. To date, you’d find a wide range of D&G belts, slips, and even shirts, as low as N1,500. No way we were gonna let that brand die!

There has been information of a celebrity sacking his personal shopper for buying a fake Dolce and Gabbana shirt after he was dragged online. Maybe he couldn’t tell the difference. There are just too many in this country!

Fashion brands

8. Off-White. Virgil really did us a favour with this one here. Upcoming ‘typists’ love them a lot. Wanna know one? Check to see if he has that yellow dangling Off-White belt. Chances are that he does. Many times, you can’t tell the colour, as they truly go off.

Davido had once promised to snitch on any celebrity he saw wearing the fake belt. If only he knew how many were out there. He’d need an army to snitch on everyone.

Fashion brands

7. Adidas. Coming in at number 9 is Adidas, the most misspelled brand of the lot. There’s no spelling variation you won’t see in Lagos Island. From Adidos, Addidas, Adiddas, to even Abibas, you’d see them all! The logo wasn’t spared in this onslaught either, with some versions looking more like the cannabis plant. We move still.

Fashion brands
Adadis. What ah dis?
Fashion brands

6. Supreme. Now this is one ridiculously bastardized brand, especially in the Western part of Nigeria, Lagos to be specific. What?! Who can forget when we saw the exclusive collaboration between Supreme and LV on one of our celebrities.

From slips in all colours, to tees, sweats, what not, this brand, popular among the younger generation has gone places James Ebbia, Founder and CEO of Supreme, will ever get to know!

5. Versace. Gianni Versace, Founder of Versace, chose Medusa as the logo because she made people fall in love with her and they had no way back. He hoped his company would have the same effect on people and on those who wore his clothes and shoes. He was right. In Nigeria, we fell in love with the brand a little too much, and now we don’t even need them again, just their logo, and we work our own magic.

4. Loius Vuitton. May not be the bags, clothes, even shades, but who doesn’t have that one brown LV belt?

As virgil releases new collections every now and then globally, here in Nigeria, we release ours. We don’t care about themes, message the collection is passing, price, etc, we just need that logo and we’re good to go. Starting from N3,000, you can get any LV item you want in almost any boutique. Esecially that one brown belt!

3. Gucci. This one has an entire gang – Gucci gang!!! Loud, and proud, the locals don’t care, so long as it’s Gucci. Gucci is Gucci.

Belts, hoodies, gowns, shades – we love ‘Gucci’ in any form or even spelling!

2. Balenciaga. “Balenciaga gan gan lafe.” The latest of the fashion brands to suffer in the hands of Nigerians, this one is for the flashy who just don’t care. There’s no local boutique you walk into that won’t have those beautiful neon shirts. Thing is, they’re actually more expensive than many other fakes, starting from N2,500. A brand that truly stands out!

Fashion brands
An outstanding couple going out for some light shopping.

1. Nike. Yup. Nike gets the tick for number 1. The most bastardized fashion brand in Nigeria is one of the world biggest sportswear brands, Nike. From sneakers, to slips, to face caps, what not, Nike is literally everywhere. Chances are, you’ve had at least one Nike product that Nike is not aware Nike ever made. The Nike swoosh goes from left to right, and right to left, we don’t care. However we like, we took their word for it, and literally just do it!

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