They are so many reasons ladies are into guys, some might be for beards, nice physique, but we can’t deny a nice car score you a higher point most especially when its luxury.

Being in possession of a car is seen as a typical symbol of status, power and influence, and these are some of those things every Lady wants in her man.  It’s not the car itself but rather, the representation it brings and most especially the choice of car like;

  1. Lamborghini OR Ferrari; people tend to look at you and some even ask to take a photo (or just took it by standing beside it), when you stop by local nightclub, some girls and guys trying to speak to you in friendly way, you get the best parking spot but you can overhear some people saying that you don’t know what you have to do with your money.
  1. Rolls-Royce or Bentley; there’s a private parking space for you (which usually kept for celebrities and important people), and you can feel certain distance between you and other peoples, you can still feel the admiration but there’s a fear involved, it seems that people see you as unapproachable even if you are in your early 20’s 
  1. Mercedes or BMW; nice parking space and people greet you cheerfully in Hotel and Lounges. You begin to seem like wealthy sons of business owners because this car is quite a lot to be seen in Lagos

  1. Range Rover, much like Mercedes above, but people start to greet you in English. Apparently a lot of girls like RR
  1. Cadillac Escalade, there’s certain fear that people show to this car, people try to keep a distance.

I believe every car have their own persona and When the question is about attracting the girls, the cars are the ones to be considered a lot. Girls just can’t resist the designs, colors, the shiny metallic luster of the car. There are also some men who can’t afford to buy the top-notch luxury cars and so they opt for purchasing the second hand car of luxe brand for attracting the girls.