The are not just purses, they are man purses or Murse for short and they are very manly… Murses are basically smaller bags carried around by men, just as women carry hand bags. They have a way of lifting up a man’s look and giving off that young, elegant and spirited countenance. If you have never invested in one (a good purse is always an investment) 2019 is a good year to add it to your wishlist.

Here are the best Murses around today:

For the distinguished modern man. It is versatile enough for the office, airport, or running around on the weekend.

Vintage Tablet bag for an urban lifestyle. Its unique and compact satchel is ideal for hauling your iPad or Android tablet.

Vertical Messenger bag for the office or corporate man. Makes you look put-together and stylish whether you’re in a suit or jeans.

Practical Tote men’s bag. This is a favorite among leather lovers. It holds many pockets for your files, tables, phones, papers and more.

Sleek Trendy murse. This is the easiest go-to man purse, for the newbies and beginners. Carriers of this bag tend to give off that aura of sophistication and elegance. Join the club.

So which of these bags will you be adding to your wardrobe this year?