So, I hear you want to look sharp and smart but do not know how to to go about it. Look no further because, in this article, we would be sharing some simple style tips for any man who wants to look sharp instantly. Sit back, relax, and continue reading to discover the 5 simple style tips.


Before we proceed, let me establish this fact real quick: Dear men, dressing sharp and smart does not require a fortune! We needed to get that out of the way because we must understand that dressing sharp does not consequently mean spending a ton of money on clothing and accessories that eventually will not work for you. But then again, if you have the money, and can spend a fortune on clothing pieces, then why not?. Especially if you are working directly with business partners, clients, and investors, you would most likely need to invest in your appearance.

It is of a truth that expensive and quality clothing pieces that we buy tend to last longer than regular clothing pieces, and this is because we naturally take care of expensive clothing pieces.
Notwithstanding, looking sharp is not dependent on how expensive or less expensive your clothes are. Dressing sharp is expression that needs to be precise with the right proportions.

Below are 5 style tips for guys who want to look sharp and smart!

  • Colors Are Important.
    Colors are powerful elements when it comes to fashion, and as a man who wants to look smart and sharp, it is of importance to know colors/tones that fit you. These can be difficult to achieve, particularly for those who can not afford the services of a wardrobe stylist. When choosing a color, ensure that the color complements your complexion and not criticize it.
    I mean, you don’t want to wear clothes that make you look like a burnt toast or a ghost.
  • Wear Comfortable Pants.
    If you are going to look sharp, then wear pants that make you look good and comfortable. As go-to as a pair of jeans can be, not wearing the right pair can alter your overall outfit. Therefore, avoid baggy jeans that fall off the waist, avoid pants with excessive distress, and avoid pants with excessive embellishments. Opt-in for simple, and clean jeans that fit along the waist area. Not too tight and not too big; keep it moderate.
  • Get A Second Opinion.
    Whenever you’re not quite sure about what’s fashionable or what’s not while shopping, be willing to ask for advice from your stylish friend.
    If you want to dress sharp to impress a woman, then you can ask for advice at the department store; chances are the attractive women working there are the same types of women you’re looking to impress. All the same, be specific with the clothing pieces you would eventually buy. Ensure that they are your taste, and they feel comfortable when you wear them.
  • Try Layering Your Outfits Too.
    Let it reflect that layering your outfit is both a functional and stylish tip for men who want to look sharp. But as stylish and functional as it can be, some men are afraid of mixing different clothing pieces because they don’t understand the concept of mixing clothes.
    The principle purpose of layering outfit is heat retention, and maybe for fashion-sake.
    One trick to layering that makes your casual outfit more interesting is to layer a simple sweater over a white-long sleeved shirt-its that easy-. Another major trick is to layer in a manner that even when the cold weather turns warm, and you would need to take off one layer, you still look sharp and smart!
  • Feel Good About Your Self.
    This last tip speaks for itself. Your style should always reflect your personality. Being happy in your skin and with yourself can make you feel better, and in turn, boost your confidence. Smile more, and watch how people would naturally gravitate towards you.