In recent times, a lot of creatives in fashion, art, content creation, etc, have begun to thrive in their respective areas; from writers, photographers, artists, and many more. These were areas our parents would, some 5, 10 years ago, not be entirely proud that their kids were going into.

‘How about banking? It’s a stable job’, ‘Why not read medicine so you never go hungry?’, were typical lines from the typical African parent. Well, some damned the consequences and forged on along that creative path. Some, however, went with what might please our parents, but still, along the line, crossed paths.

Olufemi Ogunde is one of such. He didn’t cross completely – he’s still a banker with the relatively new Providus Bank, which makes it all the more interesting.

Blurring the line between being a banker and being a creative, and doing it effortlessly, Olufemi is a model, having worked with brands such as Gritz Nigeria, Euphoria Nigeria, Temphas Magazine, Just Shakara, Cottons and Wools, and others.

Olufemi Ogunde in Toke Makinwa Luxury, which got a nod from Toke Makinwa herself.
‘The men are killing it’, she said.

He’s also a fashion enthusiast. Some might call him a fashion influencer. You know – dope-ass, clear pictures; beautiful scenery; amazing, well-thought-out feed. And yes, a banker!

We spoke to him about how he is able to combine the two worlds together, where he’d rather settle, and what the future holds for him.

Temphas: Is banking really as stressful and rigid as people think?

Olufemi: Yes! Yes! Yes! Especially if you’re actually working. I think every service field gets like that because you’re trying to fulfill varying customer’s needs. It’s never-ending.

Temphas: What part of banking do you enjoy the most?

Olufemi: CSR and Project Management. Anything that makes me travel lol.

Temphas: What’s the most difficult part of banking?

Olufemi: It depends really. I’m always eager to try out everything possible so it has made me go through several departments to experience what they do. I’d say the finance part maybe. I’ve never been a fan of accounting.

A minimalist, Olufemi is a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast, as well as banker

Temphas: What’s the most challenging part of combining being a banker, model, and fashion enthusiast?

Olufemi: Work schedule. Everyday living in Lagos makes it difficult to successfully multitask so you’re left to squeeze all the time you have on weekends. About the model part – I love taking pictures so it’s never stressful to take a pose when I can lol.

Temphas: Is this something you can continue to do for a long time, or you’d eventually have to settle down in one world?

Olufemi: Fashion isn’t something I put aside to focus on work. It’s something I experience every day. I think I can still juggle both.

Temphas: How would you describe your style?

Olufemi: Clean, minimalistic. At least that’s what people tell me lol.

Temphas: Where do you see yourself settling down eventually?

Olufemi: Would be any creative space where I can easily delve into fashion. Maybe decor and interior design.

Temphas: What other field are you looking at exploring?

Olufemi: Public Health. It’s something I’ve always been enthusiastic about and what I have a background in. I’ll like to see a lot of changes in our health systems in Nigeria.

Temphas: What’s the next project we should expect from you?

Olufemi: If I tell you now, it will kill the wow factor lol. Fingers crossed maybe?