Street Style Influencers doing their thing.
Street Style Enthusiasts

The spread and impact of social media and all other forms of socialization may have further propagated the idea of the alternative lifestyle. The alternative lifestyle is perceived to be that lifestyle outside the norm and is thus bent on defining certain aspects of life, including fashion.

As a fashion-forward individual who is on the journey of style discovery while preserving some level of authenticity, one encounters the pressure that comes with intersecting different styles of dressing. This pressure coherently has given birth to what we know and understand as street style.


While we celebrate some of the iconic trends that have been ruling the fashion world, the trend in question is one that seems to be stuck in some sort of fashion space-time continuum. This situation is probably because the evolution of street style is not subject to what fashion designers present during exquisite runway shows. It is unique, and unlike other fashion styles, street style does not focus on just one manner of dressing.


Though we can not deny that the whole idea of street style in the fashion sphere is influenced by the persistent nature of style enthusiasts, wanting to create their very own statement style during fashion week. These statement styles include keen elements of the youthful culture in terms of color juxtaposition and vibrancy.

Fashion week has always been regarded as the best place to have a feel of what street style is all about. And it all makes sense because it allows people with a different fashion perspective, come together and unleash their infinite river of creativity. But with the current situation of the world being in a pandemic, fashion week this year has taken the digital approach in terms of runway presentation.

Notwithstanding, street style lovers are still creating mind-blowing contents right from the comfort of their home because one thing is for sure; fashion must be made. In clearer terms, street style is not just any fashion trend, it is a way of life, and only creative minds can actually follow this path.


Today, street style is being recognized by leading fashion enthusiasts and major fashion designers; as many of them are gradually incorporating some features of this style into their clothing offerings. The result from the incorporation of these features of street fashion into fashion designing is like the icing on any cake; it transforms everything and gives it a new look. While these fashion designers are already enjoying the benefits that come with street style, some fashion designers are yet to acknowledge the fact that street style is a thing in this generation and, the business of athleisure outfits is moving fast.


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