Not all of us have the luxury of having chefs and food lovers, live with us, and so the task of eating and having to cook is ours to bear. And if you live in Lagos, then you know you don’t have 3 hours to prepare a meal. Here are quick fire meals you can prepare and move on with other things:

1 Stir Fry Noodles:

Okay, usually, this will be made with diced tomatoes and pepper, but because we are working under a time frame, we will use a blender to create a stewy paste to taste. So pick your tomatoes and pepper (to taste), pour them into the blender and let them blend. Then start boiling water. Once the water is boiled, pour your sachets of noodles into the hot water, still on the burner and let it cook from exactly 3 minutes. Sieze out the hot water so it’s only noodles remaining in the pot. Then get a different pot, pour some oil, then pour onions into it. Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then pour your stewy paste into the oil and pour some of your noodles’ spice into it. Let this simmer for about 4 minutes, then pour your noodles in it and stir until it is done to taste. Serve your meal with a glass of juice and there, your meal is served – and all you needed was 10 minutes in the kitchen.

2 Stir Fry Pasta:

This takes the same procedure as the Stir Fry noodle. The only difference is that you are using pasta (sspaghetti), which means you have to let the pasta cook for about 6 minutes, if it is not so much, before you stir fry it in the stewy paste.

3. Sandwich:

Well, this explains itself. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, about eating a sandwich as a whole meal. You should be proud of your adulthood in fact (at least that’s what we tell ourselves).

4. Toast with baked beans:

This is the best meal you can have on a day that you don’t have anywhere else to go to. Make some scrambled eggs (this does not take up to 5 minutes). Make some toast (do we need to teach you this?) Pour some baked beans in the same plate as the scrambled eggs and eat with a toast and a glass of juice. By the time you’re done, standing up may be an issue, so just relax in front of the TV for about 15 minutes before you get up. (Can you tell that this is my favourite meal?)

5 Salad:

Well, what says quick, healthy meal better than slices of vegetables?

6 Pancakes:

Get your flour, eggs, milk, sugar and water. Mix flour in a bowl. Beat your eggs, pour into the flour, add sugar, mix everything. Then add milk and mix again into a smooth paste, but not too thick. Then put your frying pan on low heat, add very little oil into it. Then pour some of your mixture into the oil after it is hot. It starts to fry instantly so watch it carefully. Then continue to turn it over and over. The entire frying process should not take more than 2 minutes or it could burn. There, serve and eat.

7 Akara and bread:

For this, make sure you have bleached your beans the day before. This means you soak the beans inside water, peel the shaft then leave this mixture inside water or blend it and refrigerate it for preservation till you are ready to fry it, which in this case is the following day. Now that you are ready to fry it, beat the beans paste till it is very smooth. Then dice some onions into it, sprinkle some blended pepper to taste, add some salt also to taste and mix the paste. Then get your fry pan or pot, put plenty oil into it and let is heat; so that the bean cakes can float in it. Then scoop some of the paste and drop into the oil bit by bit. Watch the bean cakes so that they don’t burn and turn from time to time. Once it gets brown, remove them from the pot and let them cool, then you eat.

You can eat this with slices of bread, pap or custard. Very posh meal, if you ask me.

8 Plantain Porridge:

For this, you will need a few pieces of plantain. Slice them into a bowl, then make a light stewy paste, but not too thick. Let the paste cook with some spice for about 5 minutes, then pour your slices of plantain into the paste and let them all cook together for the next 5 minutes or less. There, you have a sumptuous meal.

9 Fried Plantain and Egg:

This explains itself. Fry some plantain, fry some egg and serve both together and you have your meal.

10 Cous cous:

This also comes in sachets like pasta, so cook it in the same way. It gets done very quickly so you either stir fry it, or you boil it for a few minutes with some salt to taste and your meal is ready.