Evidently alcohol affects everyone differently, but it’s not unusual to be a little more comfortable, and eager about having sex after a drink or two. It is common belief that alcohol helps us lose our self-consciousness .There is a significant frame of research that suggests alcohol is associated with increased sexual response i.e increased arousal and enhanced orgasm, so basically, alcohol can also been seen as an aphrodisiac. 

If you feel friskier after a few cocktails, you’re not alone, especially if you’re a woman. The brain is the body’s biggest sex organ, so it makes sense that any substance that affects your mind will have a big impact on your sex life. So alcohol brings out the desire, but does it increase the performance? Does alcohol make sex more interesting?

Apparently, alcohol might make you feel physically turned on but boosting blood flow to your genitals and making you fell warm and fuzzy down there. But alcohol also makes it harder for your brain to connect the dots between your genitals getting touched and your mind feeling aroused.

Normally when your genitals are touched in a way that feels awesome, your brain translates those sensations into arousal. But alcohol depresses the central nervous system, which dulls these sensations and your brain isn’t as receptive to them, so your genitals feel less sensitive and that decreases arousal. So things that would normally turn you on, or lead you to orgasm, may not feel so enjoyable. 

But, for some people, alcohol helps when it comes to having orgasms. It has been said that the best wine to aid sexual pleasure is red wine, both for males and females. For the ladies, red wine causes the sex drive to be even more pronounced than with other drinks. For men, a drink of red wine or two, increases blood flow to essential areas and increases levels of testosterone in the blood. But, just as it was mentioned earlier, a few too many drinks can have the opposite effect and lower testosterone, and reduce sex drive. What you gotta do is just find the right balance.