Address: 14 Idowu Martins St, Victoria Island, Lagos

The Ambience:

The first thing you notice about Craft Gourmet is how beautiful bright and small the space is; it’s very cozy and I love the minimalist use of colors, even the servers uniforms compliment the décor of the restaurant. The marble tables, the leather studded chairs and the classical music being played in the background give off such an elegant vibe. The restaurant has an open kitchen which is supposed to allow you to see how the food is being made, although I understand the essence of that, you don’t really get to see how the food is being made, you just get to see the busy chefs and the waiters, which isn’t so bad.

The Food:

The restaurant is the baby of Chef Loubna and her husband, Tarek. Craft Gourmet is quite generous with their quantity of food, just one meal would leave you feeling really full, and you would not be able to eat anything else. The great thing about Craft is that their service is really fast, it did not take up to 30 minutes for everyone’s food to be ready. I had the Shrimp pasta which was delectable but very spicy, generally, all their types of pasta are spicy, and so if you are into spicy food, you should order the pasta. I do like the act that they give you the option of adding parmesan cheese or not (the pasta tastes a lot better with the cheese). They specialize in fresh, brunch foods and also offer a variety of mains from rice dishes to shawarma. They have really nice smoothie combinations and their hot chocolate beverage is without a doubt, amazing. Quick tip: The lamb is big enough to feed four people, do not order the lamb for yourself alone, except you are ready to take the rest home.

The Judgement:

Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker is a great restaurant to have brunch at either with your family or with your significant other, it’s cozy and it’s it intimate and I would totally recommend it for small gatherings, if you are going with a big crowd, I would say I should try somewhere else. Also, if you’re looking for a place that makes great pasta, craft gourmet is the place.