Man relaxing by lake on deck chair

So this is mostly for the 9-5ers out there. Especially those in Lagos. The traffic alone is one thing that can have you questioning your career. ‘Come sef, must I do this everyday? Can’t I find something else?’. Well, till then.

Here are easy ways to relax yourself after a hectic day:

1) Soak yourself in a bath tub.

Yeah I could have said you should take a bubble bath, but trust me, most of the ‘work’ is done by the water itself. For those who do not have surfactants (the foaming thingy) don’t even stress yourself, except you really want to. Relax your head, forget all worries, and just breathe. Really, do nothing else but breathe.

PS: Please ensure your bathtub is super clean.

For those without a bath tub, just stay under the shower for 15 minutes, breathing as well. Equally works wonders.

2) Take some wine.

No, wine is not just another drink. You won’t have the same effect if you took some juice or even water (which of course is great, but for everyday consumption, not specifically to relax). You won’t have the same effect with beer, just in case you’re thinking it’s the alcohol in the wine. It’s more the mindset – the slender wine glass, the small pop sound, the gentle way you fill the sexy glass up, the sound the bottle makes when it touches the table or floor, the sour taste, the feeling that you are (however possibly inaccurate) posh – it’s the whole shebang – therapeutic af. Try it!

3) Listen to some music.

This always helps. Always. Create a playlist for that particular time of day. Name it ‘Sleep, child’. I don’t even turn it off before I go to bed. I make sure my battery is charged enough so my alarm can still go off. Then, wonderland here I come.

4) Get company you love

Yes, this is a bit weird but hugely relaxing. Stay for a little while, with someone you love, before going back into your own room to sleep finally. Maybe a little chat will help, maybe not, but having a loved one close to you when you get off work is ‘reassuring’, which is also therapeutic. I’d, maybe in another post, tell you guys how I found this out.

Of course, it can be family, a partner, whomever. Don’t force it by choosing just anyone; it can be counterproductive if you do.

5) Get a massage.

If you can get a massage from home just before bed, it will go a long way in helping you relax. Also, you can book an appointment in a spa near your home, so from work, you hop in, get it, and go straight to bed.

Doing this once in a while won’t hurt. There’s only one life you know. Your soul cannot be massaged, only your body. It’s not even ‘spoiling yourself’, it’s just living.