I never struggled with sadness, but somehow, I once wasn’t a very happy person. I was ‘in the middle’, mostly because I was too ambitious, I guess. So I was not happy that I wasn’t… well you know how we all dream big.

Overtime, I learned to prioritize my happiness over every other thing. I realized that being all that I wanted to be wasn’t necessarily going to make me happy. Maybe satisfied, maybe victorious, but not necessarily happy. I also figured, that the things that made me happy, didn’t cost a million box – chilling with good friends, playing snooker, scrabble, swimming, meeting warm people, eating, laughing, sight-seeing, a couple movies – all made my life meaningful.

Why then was I holding off my happiness till I built a million-dollar company. Why was I holding it off till I bought momma a Porsche? No idea! People, if there’s one take away from this post for you, it’s that the little things matter! Small talk, those things that you will still do, no matter how much you had, those are truly what should matter to you every second.

I’d quickly share how I was able to get to this good place I am in right now:

– Decide that you are going to be happy.

As we know, happiness is a choice. It’s not brought by money, or 1000 friends, it’s a conscious decision to be happy. You have to make that decision that no matter what, you will smile because you have a reasons to smile.

– Identify what makes you sad.

It’s like trying to save money; you have to first identify what you waste money on. That way, when you are about to pay for that thing, there’s a trigger. You go, ‘Aha! I’m so not paying for you’. Same thing with your happiness. When you know what can take your happiness away, you’d go, ‘No way, I’d still smile through this!’.

– Do more of those little things.

People will tell you’ ‘Get serious’, ‘stop this thing’, ‘how will this help you in life?’. Help you what, get happy? If it’s a yes, then don’t stop it. Don’t listen to their story about growing up and getting serious and boring. They are probably sad anyway. Do your thing, while remaining focused of course.

Why are children always so happy? It’s because they are selfish, and therefore always do the things that make THEM happy, forgetting everything else. While as adults, we cannot always do these things as a result of responsibilities and all, a little selfishness don’t hurt nobody. The little things count!

– Surround yourself with happy people/avoid toxic people.

As much as you can! A friend, neighbour, family member, colleague – keep dark clouds away from you. Be around those who make you smile. Don’t get too comfortable with unambitious people o. They are always laughing. Ehen. Still remain focused, but know your circle.

Alright guys. What have I left out? Share your own happy secrets with us; let’s live and be happy always.