Yoruba Demon is just a general term for classifying players regardless of their tribe. Yes, we could have just written demon, but that would be a little too gory. Plus writing Hausa demon or Igbo demon or any other tribe, just doesn’t gel. So pardon our tribalism for today. Believe me, players are from all walks of life. So anyway, if you check yes to all the points below, congratulations, women should flee from you for playing with their hearts:

  1. Your eyes: There’s nothing wrong with having cute, soft-looking eyes. They are pleasurable to look at. But when these eyes tend to notice too many pretty women in one room at a time, then you should be worried. Worse yet, you always have the urge to approach these women. A Yoruba demon typically likes a conventionally attractive woman who has a good figure and is charismatic.
  2. Expensive Sh*t: Regardless of your financial status, you just gotta look fly! It’s just a part of who you are. You cannot walk into a place, and people do not notice some prince charming has entered the place.
  3. Relationship repellant: A player is fine being a side boo, because being the main boyfriend would mean actually putting in the work to make a relationship work. But as a Yoruba demon, you cannot be bothered with a serious relationship, can you?
  4. Beard Gang: It’s actually hard to be a player without beards, because then how will you do that flirtatious beard caressing move? Full or thin, you possess well-groomed beards, and you tend to use your fingers to caress them, be honest, that tends to happen more when there’s an attractive girl around.
  5. Contacts: A Yoruba demon’s WhatsApp contacts are always active and it is not for chats with guys. A player will comfortably chat with 5 girls at the same time with the most romantic, active audience. Players are quite intelligent multi-taskers so congratulations, you are intelligent as well.
  6. Right words: You always have just the right words to say to make a woman trip for you or forget she is mad at you. Yes, you are creative, but admit it, you are using your manipulative skills here as well.

This post is not meant to judge you if you are a Yoruba demon. It’s just to help you identify yourself, in case you are living in denial.