Honestly, these days, it takes more than a nice pick up line to get the girl of your dreams, and it also takes a lot less than a luxurious lifestyle to get a great girl to notice or like you. All you need are a few essential changes in your appearance.


Corporate shirts are great and give you that official, responsible look, which is a good look for any guy. But a girl will always look twice at a guy wearing a kick ass Kenzo Tee, rightly paired with jeans and a pair of sneakers. There’s something casually sexy about that look, especially if your muscles are bulging from the sleeves of your shirt like Don Jazzy above. Oh my! She will at least want to hear you out first.

Corporate Shirts:

Now, the fact that we said you should stock up on Tees, does not mean you should do away with your corporate shirts. Corporate shirts are still necessary to communicate responsibility (yes, you can be responsible wearing your T-Shirts as well, but we are judging you by your looks right now, so play along, will you?) and every girl wants to be with a responsible man, so it sure helps if you look like one at first glance, right?


You want to blow someone’s mind? Just smell good. Even other guys will look back at you. Invest in a good perfume or perfume oil and you will not regret the attention it wins you.

Foot wears:

After looking nice and all, many guys tend to be carefree enough to just slip on a pair of sandals or random slippers and walk out of their houses. Big mistake. Every effort counts and brings you one step closer to getting noticed by the right lady. So pay attention to your shoes. Pair your Tees and jeans with a nice pair of branded sneakers. Pair your traditional attires with a good pair of shoes or palm slippers. Just fix yourself up to feel big, and then you can look big as well. Perception is everything.


Many men do not care about native wears, because guys rarely need aso ebi. It is a girl-thing, they would say. But it may surprise you to know that a pair of good-looking native attire makes a guy look at least 30 per cent hotter – no exaggeration. So, the choice is yours.