Fashion is no longer just the combination of various clothing items to make an outfit; rather, these days it is more of an expression. So how do you want to express yourself this year? One of the best ways to communicate your personality is through accessorising. After you wear your lovely dress, shorts, blouse, how do you pair them? Here are a few options to brighten up your day:

Bold, confident woman:

If you are going for the bold and confident look, big, strong coloured accessories will do the trick. This is very effective with Ankara or other colourful fabrics. See photo option below.

Classy, elegant woman:

This brings to mind the medieval royal British families, where pendants and precious stones were the order of the day. From classy rubies to pearls, the classy, elegant woman communicates her intentions without too many words.

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Simple, focused woman:

In the simple, focused dimension, simple necklaces paired with matching earrings and pendants will do the trick. This is especially versatile, both for casual and corporate wears and it is great for an everyday look.

The workaholic:

The workaholic rarely bothers with accessories, but when she does, she is intentional about it. From a very classy Michael Kors wrist watch to a glittery diamond stud, you will always get her message bright and clear.

Sexy, sassy and fresh:

The sexy woman wants to show off her curves and beautiful body as much as she wants, so naturally, long pendants, shimmery dresses and layers of bangles are her things. With these, she not only communicates her love for taking risks, she also exudes the confidence of a woman comfortable in her own skin.

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